To be the premier choice for private family forest owners in the US to generate income from carbon stored in their forests.


The LandYield Innovation

Until now, small-scale private forest owners’ access to the carbon market has been limited due to high project development and ongoing monitoring, reporting, and verification costs.

LandYield has brought together industry experts to streamline these processes. We have teamed with Finite Carbon, the creator of the CORE Carbon™ digital platform, to provide for online enrollment and monitoring. Our program allows you to enroll only the forest areas that you want rather than requiring 100% of your land.

You simply sign up online, defer harvests and inform us about any changes to your land.


Competitive payments, more often

LandYield aims to offer small landowners attractive economics, especially relative to other carbon programs. Payments are made on a quarterly basis for up to twenty years. When enrolling, you will receive an estimate of carbon offset volumes for the twenty year crediting period.

Learn more about how LandYield can help you achieve your financial and stewardship goals.

Program Details
LandYield was established with the input of carbon and forestry experts, so you benefit from our knowledge and experience.


Our team of experts work with independent verifiers to ensure that projects meet the most robust technical standards, promoting the long-term value of carbon offsets.



Prior to enrollment, you will have clear visibility of the quantity of carbon credits that your site will generate, an estimate of the revenue you can expect to earn, and the term and nature of the commitment you will be making.


Technical Rigor

LandYield's projects comply with the American Carbon Registry's stringent, science-based methodologies and proven carbon accounting standards.


"ACR is excited to see smaller forestland owners entering the carbon market. Our new methodology for Improved Forest Management on Small Non-Industrial Private Forestlands, developed in collaboration with Finite Carbon, rigorously addresses many of the hurdles to their participation in carbon markets to date"


"We want to participate in ensuring there is green space for the future and am happy to enlist our forest. If by utilizing our forests, small landowners can make a cumulative difference in reducing carbon footprints while making some additional funds for maintenance, all the better!"

The Kidd Family, Landowners SOUTH CAROLINA

"Milliken Advisors looks forward to utilizing LandYield's offset program as a management tool for small forest landowners. LandYield removes barriers to forest carbon markets for small to medium size landowners, providing potential revenues that otherwise would not exist. Creating revenue positive options is key to long-term ownership and stability of our forests in South Carolina."

Milliken Advisors SOUTH CAROLINA

Environmental markets expertise

LandYield will generate proceeds to pay enrolled landowners through sales of carbon offsets with Mercuria Energy, one of the world's largest independent energy and commodity groups. Mercuria's environmental products team has over 150 years of experience in international carbon markets with expertise in sales, project financing and risk management.

Innovative, secure platform

LandYield has partnered with Finite Carbon, North America's leading developer of carbon offsets, who will be responsible for managing compliance with ACR requirements. Finite Carbon developed Core Carbon™, a digital platform that streamlines carbon project development for small landowners. LandYield has exclusive access to the Core Carbon technology.

High integrity standard

LandYield's carbon credits are verified against the robust requirements of the American Carbon Registry, a nonprofit enterprise of Winrock International. ACR works to create confidence in the environmental and scientific integrity of carbon offsets. As the first carbon offset registry in the United States, ACR sets the standard for offset quality and continues to lead market innovations.

Carbon market participants

LandYield works with well-known corporations that retire carbon offsets as part of their net-zero commitments. These corporations are pleased to directly support small landowners and their generarion of the cash flows necessary to protect forest ecosystems.

What's next?

LandYield manages project monitoring, reporting and verification to make it simple for landowners


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