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New sources of revenue for landowners

LandYield’s offset projects provide access to the growing carbon market for timberland owners with less than 5,000 forested acres of ownership.

By deferring harvests, you allow your forest to store more carbon and generate carbon offsets while enhancing its recreational and environmental values.

Program Details

Reducing carbon emissions can generate income

As trees grow, they convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into woody biomass. The bigger your trees grow, the more carbon they store. By enrolling in LandYield, the increasing carbon stored in your forest can be quantified and verified.

A carbon offset is issued for each ton of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere and stored. These offsets can be purchased by companies that want to mitigate climate impacts and meet their greenhouse gas reduction strategy.

Landowner benefits

Get paid to grow your stands

Earn revenue from your forest without harvesting trees. Receive regular payments to help pay your taxes, insurance and other costs.

Build for the future

While enrolled in LandYield, the value of your forestland and timber should continue to grow. After an initial 20-year crediting period, you can begin sustainably harvesting forest growth during the 20-year monitoring period. You may also be able to continue generating carbon revenue by renewing for another 20-year harvest deferral.

Enhance Environmental Qualities

Increase your revenue while enhancing the beauty, recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, and water quality on your forest lands. Take real action and join the many forest owners supporting climate action through forest conservation, and sustainable management.

Diversify your income

Continue to generate income from non-timber sources. While you are enrolled in LandYield, you are permitted to pursue other commercial activities such as leasing hunting rights and collecting non-timber forest products.


Environmental and Social Benefits

With LandYield, you can preserve and improve the health of your forest. Your actions can improve wildlife habitats, maintaining their biodiversity, health and beauty. In addition to your immediate climate impact, your sustainably-managed forests will be healthier for future generations.

What's next?

Real action supporting forest protection, wildlife, clean water and conservation


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