LandYield: Connecting Family Forests to Carbon Revenue

With LandYield, you get paid to defer timber harvests and store more carbon in your forests.

LandYield's unique program allows you to create a new revenue stream from your forest while enhancing its recreational and environmental values.

Reliable Revenue Stream

Competitive payments, paid more often

Our program offers quarterly payments starting shortly after enrollment. For the first three years of the program, LandYield guarantees a competitive price per carbon offset issued. For the remaining years, payments are based on a fixed percentage of the carbon offset price – allowing you to benefit if future prices increase.

Landowner Benefits

Personalize your carbon project

LandYield gives you the ability to enroll only the acres you choose, depending on your needs and plans for your forest. Learn more about the program and how to get a revenue estimate at no cost and with no commitment.

Program Details

Why choose LandYield?

We aim to be the premier choice for private US forest landowners to generate income from carbon.

Real climate impact from your harvest deferral commitment

Enroll the acres you choose

Attractive revenue & quarterly payments

Enhance your forest's asset value and maintain recreation opportunities

Easy online enrollment

We manage monitoring and reporting

Methodology certified by ACR

Supported by experienced, well-established providers of carbon offset services


Latest news

It's easy

By agreeing to defer timber harvesting in enrolled parcels for an initial period of 20 years, followed by a 20-year monitoring period where any potential harvests do not exceed growth, you will receive payments from LandYield. It's that easy.


Upfront cost


Acre minimum


Up to 20 years of payments


A new revenue solution for your clients

Foresters play a crucial role in helping landowners achieve their long-term financial and stewardship objectives. To learn more about how LandYield can help your clients, contact us and we can share additional resources with you.


What's next?

Conserve your land for enjoyment


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