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Landowners with forests as small as 40 acres can receive payment for growing their trees


Non-industrial forest
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When enrolling all or a portion of your forests, you make a 40-year commitment to LandYield. This commitment is divided into two 20-year periods. The first 20 years are the crediting period during which you will receive quarterly payments for deferring harvests on enrolled areas.

During the second 20-year period, you will be required to maintain the carbon sequestered to that point with the option to harvest additional growth, or, depending on registry rules at that time, to continue to defer harvests and receive carbon payments based on your forest’s on-going growth.

LandYield will manage all reporting and monitoring activities and pay associated costs for the 40-year period.

*The price projection is representative of a fluctuating 3% inflationary growth and is not indicative or a guarantee of any future price or returns.

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Harvest deferral & fixed prices

Landowner revenue over the first three years are set using a fixed offset price.


Harvest deferral & market-linked earnings

Beginning in the fourth year, your payments are directly tied to current carbon offset market prices. If carbon offset prices rise, your revenue will grow accordingly.


Limited harvests or continued market-linked offset earnings

In the second 20-year period, you are allowed to begin harvesting your enrolled lands (while maintaining Y20 carbon stocks). Depending on the registry rules then in effect, you may also have the opportunity to commit to a second harvest deferral to continue to receive additional offset revenue. In either case, you can still cut timber for your own personal use and in other specific circumstances.

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Map your forest land

Under LandYield, harvest deferrals may be integrated into your overall land management strategy. You can enroll parcels that help you meet your near and long-term goals. LandYield’s mapping tool is powered by CORE Carbon™, a quick and easy-to-use digital platform developed by Finite Carbon. Learn more about what makes LandYield different.

Why Landyield?
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Step by step

By joining the program, you make up to a 40-year total commitment to LandYield.

1. Design your project

Use our free mapping platform to design your project and see how much revenue you can expect to earn from a carbon project that matches your long-term objectives.

2. Enroll

Once customized, submit your project, upload documentation, sign a contract, and let LandYield take care of the rest.

3. Get paid

You can expect payments within five months (and likely sooner) and, during the crediting period, each quarter thereafter. As of the fourth year, your payments are linked to current carbon offset prices.

4. Enjoy your forest

Enjoy your property for hunting, camping, and exercise. LandYield will manage ongoing project assessment and reporting, and you'll continue to get paid.


Robust standards and approved methodology

LandYield’s carbon credits are verified against the robust requirements of the ACR Standard and approved ACR methodology for Small Non-Industrial Private Forestlands. This methodology enables efficient and rigorous quantification, monitoring and verification of GHG emission reductions and removals generated by small forest owners. Following successful verifications by qualified and accredited independent auditors, ACR issues offset credits onto its transparent and secure registry.

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Forests as small as 40 acres can generate extra revenue through deferred harvests


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